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My Shark Steam Mop Is Leaking

Kaye Wagner

The Shark Steam Mop quickly removes dirt and grease buildup on your floors. Use the mop on vinyl, tile or linoleum floors. Shark advertises the mop's ability to clean hardwood floors, but be especially careful as using too much water can damage wood floors. If your machine begins to leak there are a number of things you can do to determine the cause of the problem.

Testing Byproduct

Don't be alarmed if you just received the steam mop and noticed that a small amount of water is leaking from the parts. All of Shark's Steam Mops are tested before they're shipped. While the testers will remove the water from the tank before shipping, some might be left in the tank and can drip from the components as you handle them.

Improper Assembly

If you did not put the Shark Steam Mop together properly it may leak when you use it. To properly assemble the steam mop press each loose component into the next to ensure that each one clicks into into place. If you don't hear a click, push harder until you do. If the steam mop is not tightly assembled it will leak.

Overfull Tank

Overfilling the tank of the Shark Steam Mop may cause the steam mop to drip when you use it. This is because the cap is not watertight and the liquid may drip out of it. Avoid this by filling the water tank to the fill line but not above it. Remove water from the tank to stop the leakage.

Open Tank

The Shark steam mop might also begin to leak if you don't properly seal the water tank. To do this, press the cap into the hole on the top of the water tank and turn it clockwise until it is tightly affixed to the tank.