What are MDF Uses?

You may be hearing about medium density fiberboard (MDF) with increasing frequency, but be unsure what it is or how to use it. MDF is a wood-based building material made by cooking fine wood particles down to their fibers and bonding them together under heat and pressure. The result is a smooth, dense board that can be used in almost any building or remodeling application you can imagine.

MDF as Replacement for Plywood or Particleboard

Use MDF in any application for which you might otherwise have selected particleboard or plywood. More expensive but stronger and more workable than particleboard, MDF is less expensive than plywood or solid wood. It is becoming increasingly popular because it is smooth and strong, and you can paint it without texture showing through.

MDF's Mulitple Uses

MDF is in use increasingly for kitchens and baths, flooring, molding, furniture manufacture, cabinet making, joinery, craft work, and in some places, as exterior cladding. Known for its strength and its good weathering properties, MDF can be used in a myriad of ways.

Ways to Cut MDF

Cut MDF using carbide, ceramic or diamond blades, and join it using yellow woodworking glue. Because it is denser than other wood products, you will need special tools to work with it, but you get a clean, sharp edge when you cut it properly. The uses for MDF are as varied as your ideas.

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