UV LED Dangers

The simple truth concerning UV LEDs is that there are not currently any outstanding claims of health issues regarding their use. The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that the lights are more efficient than even fluorescent bulbs, and LEDs eliminate many of the dangers associated with fluorescent bulbs. On the other hand, UV LEDs do present some visual problems that may not be harmful, but are often uncomfortable until your eyes have adjusted.

Radiation Exposure

Many people consider LED lighting the wave of the future.

The most common misconception regarding UV LED lights is that they produce ultraviolet radiation that can be harmful to the skin, eyes, or other bodily organs. The truth is the radiation emitted is called "near UV," and it occurs below the threshold of harm posed by the true UV wavelength. UV LED lights actually give off less radiation than other types of bulbs.

Optical Strain

You may find it difficult to focus under UV LED illumination for the first few minutes. This is because your eyes are not properly adapted to this low-power lighting, and it requires a few minutes for your brain to decipher the correct method of interpreting the signals it is receiving. There are no lasting effects, and many people actually prefer LED lighting once they have become accustomed to it.

Heat and Fire Hazards

UV LED lighting is very low wattage, making it much safer than traditional lighting in regards to heat and fire hazards. For automatic and perimeter lighting, UV LED lights serve the dual purpose of saving money and reducing the risks associated with home insurance by lowering the danger of accidental fire.

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