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Ideas for Types of Lights for a Dark Shower

Sara Melone

A lot of bathroom designers overlook the fact that a shower stall can become dark without a dedicated light source. Once you draw the shower curtain, you can block out all the light in your bathroom.

A darkened shower stall can lead to unfortunate mishaps.

If you find yourself struggling to see in your shower stall, know that several options are available to shed some extra light in your shower. You can even install extra lighting without an electrician.

Rope Lights

Rope lights are light emitting diode, or LED lights. The flexible plastic tubing encases a series of LED lights to provide high intensity, evenly distributed illumination anywhere you want. Rope lights are available in varying colors for a soft blue or red effect, and the pure white LEDs provide light similar to daylight. You can cut rope lights to any length you want; they operate on standard 120 volts and are installed right above your shower stall with small plastic clips that adhere the rope in place. Although BirddogDistributing.com does indicate rope lights are waterproof, do not immerse them in water.

Anywhere Ceiling Lights

The Anywhere Ceiling Lights are made by a number of different lighting manufacturers under several different names, and you can typically find them in any home supply store or large discount retail store. These lights feature a bright light on one side and sticky backing on the other side that is designed for removal if necessary. You can install some models with a couple of screws. Designed to provide a light source in rooms where extra lighting is needed, these ceiling lights operate on batteries and shed significant light in a dark space with a touch of your hand. Install one over your shower stall to brighten your mornings.

LED Shower Heads

If you know how to change out a shower head, you already have the skills to install a new source of light in your dark shower stall. LED shower heads are made with LED lighting built right in. Not only does the glow of the LED lights allow you to see in the shower stall, but the shower head also improves your showering experience. When you first turn the water on, the shower head emits a blue light to indicate that your shower water is cool. The shower head light turns to red once the water warms to about 89 degrees, so you always know when the water is just the right temperature to get in the shower.