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How to Change Bulbs in a Westinghouse Ceiling Fan

Melissa Lewis

Westinghouse is a leading manufacturer in many household fixtures and appliances, including ceiling fans. Many ceiling fans also include lights. To change the light bulbs in your Westinghouse ceiling fan, always follow the instructions that came with your manual, although most can be changed in the following manner.

Step 1

Turn off the light switch and allow the lights to cool down, if applicable. Usually abut 30 minutes will suffice.

Step 2

Remove the light bulb cover, if any. Some Westinghouse ceiling fan models have a glass globe that covers the light bulbs. Hold the globe up with one hand while unscrewing the decorative tip at the bottom. Set them down in a safe place when they are free from each other.

Step 3

Unscrew the old light bulbs from the sockets by turning them counter clockwise.

Step 4

Replace the light bulbs by screwing them in a clockwise directions. Do not exceed the maximum watt recommended by Westinghouse for your specific model ceiling fan. Many Westinghouse ceiling fans have three light sockets rated only to hold 40 watts. If you don't have the manual, this information may be imprinted or have a sticker near the light socket.