How to Install a Halogen Replacement Bulb

Stevie Kremer

Halogen light bulbs (or "lamps" as they are called), give off a brighter light than the older incandescent bulbs. However, halogen lamps create far more heat than older-type bulbs, and for that reason, you must take care where you place these lamps and keep flammable materials away from them.

Most halogen lamps last a long time, but all of them will burn out eventually and will need to be replaced. Since halogens do not simply screw in like the older incandescent bulbs, you must take care when replacing them. The procedure is not difficult, but it does take a little time.


Make a note of the size, type, and wattage of the halogen bulb and keep it in a safe place so that you will know what type to buy when it finally burns out. It is a good idea to keep an extra bulb on hand.


Never touch a halogen bulb with your bare fingers. Oils from you hands will burn on the surface of the bulb and can shorten the life of the bulb or cause a fire. Make sure the old bulb is cool and the power if off before attempting to replace a halogen bulb.

How to Install a Halogen Replacement Bulb

  1. Unplug the halogen floor lamp, or if you are replacing the bulb in a ceiling fixture, turn off the power at the fuse box. If the lamp has been burning recently, allow it to cool before attempting to replace it.

  2. Remove the tempered glass cover over the halogen bulb. You may have to remove small clamps or screws that hold the glass cover in place. Set the glass cover and any screws or clamps aside.

  3. Using a cotton handkerchief or paper towel, grasp the halogen bulb and remove it from the fixture. Some small bulbs have straight pins in their bases so you can simply push in and then pull out the bulbs. Other bulbs twist and lock, rather like a fluorescent tube, while some halogen bulbs are held in place by a spring-loaded holder so you will need to press the bulb against one end or the other.

  4. Ensure the new bulb is the same type, size, and wattage as the old bulb. Carefully take the new bulb out of the container, and do not touch it with your bare fingers. Use the handkerchief to remove it from the package and place it into the light fixture.

  5. When the bulb is firmly in place, replace the tempered glass cover and any screws or clamps you removed earlier. Plug in the floor lamp or turn the power on at the fuse box, then turn on the light.