How to Replace Bulbs in an EdenPure Heater

W. Nicole Barclay

EdenPure heaters can reduce your heating bills dramatically during the cold seasons and add local warmth to a room. Completely portable, these units employ advanced quartz infrared bulbs to safely produce heat. With a variety of model sizes and strengths, each unit will eventually require replacement bulbs.

Using a dish to hold loose screws can keep you organized during bulb replacement.

Learning how to replace these bulbs will keep your EdenPure heater in working order without lengthy service time or maintenance costs.

  1. Purchase a set of bulbs from the EdenPure store or online. Be prepared to spend at least $97 for a new set plus around $10 in shipping and taxes, based on February 2011 pricing. Call EdenPure directly to take advantage of their discounts, available for phone purchases only. Locate the phone number on the EdenPure customer service web page, located in the resources section.

  2. Unplug the EdenPure heating unit. Allow the unit to cool completely to room temperature if it has been recently in use. Lay the heating unit on the front side on top of a flat work surface. Ensure that the back plate of the unit is facing upwards for easy access.

  3. Unscrew the back plate of the heating unit by removing each of the screws visible on the back side of the heater. Place each loose screw in a safe secure place for storage while you work. Place the back panel to the side to expose the lamps.

  4. Disconnect each bulb and remove them one at a time from the unit through the open back panel. Be careful not to break or shatter the lamps. Gently insert the new bulbs one at a time into the vacant sockets.

  5. Fit the back panel onto the rear of the heating unit. Secure in place by rescrewing each removed screw. Gently place used lamps into a waste bin for disposal. Store any unused bulbs in their original packaging for later use.

  6. Tip

    Each EdenPure unit model has a different number of bulbs inside. Be sure to check how many bulbs you need, usually three or six, before ordering replacement lamps.