How to Reset the Lamp Time on BenQ Projectors

William Pullman

The lamps in BenQ projectors have a limited lifespan, and need replacement after approximately 2000 hours of use. To keep track of the amount of lamp hours used, BenQ designed their projectors with a lamp hours counter to monitor the use of the lamp. When a new lamp is placed in the projector, you need to reset the lamp hours counter to ensure proper monitoring of your lamp.

  1. Turn on the projector after replacing the lamp. Lamps need replacement every 2000 hours.

  2. Hold down the "Exit" button for approximately three seconds until the lamp hours appear on the screen.

  3. Press the "Menu" button to access the reset option. If you do not want to reset the lamp hours, press the "Exit" button.

  4. Reset the lamp hours count to "00:00" by pressing the right or left arrow buttons.

  5. Exit the lamp hours display by pressing the "Exit" button.

  6. Tip

    Reset the lamp hours within 10 minutes of starting the projector after replacing the lamp to ensure accurate monitoring of lamp usage.