Kitchen Equipment Checklist

Kitchens are no longer just about the stove, sink and refrigerator.


There's a lot of equipment options to consider for a kitchen.There's a lot of equipment options to consider for a kitchen.
A kitchen fully stocked with every tool, gadget and piece of dedicated equipment today would probably cost more than the entire rest of the house put together. Not all the equipment that is available is necessary for every chef. Determine your realistic cooking needs before you tick off any piece of equipment from a checklist of necessities.

The size of the refrigerator is dependent upon the number of people in the household and their eating habits. Side-by-side models that are half refrigerator and half-freezer are the most accessible for kids, those in wheelchairs and shorter people. Parents who want to make sure their younger kids can't eat a box of ice cream for breakfast in the morning should consider the more traditional unit with the freezer door on top.

Ranges, Ovens and Stoves

Ranges, oven and stoves are all major pieces of kitchen equipment that come in a wide variety of styles. The first choice you may have to make is whether to go with gas or electricity. Then you may need to decide whether you want a combination of stove and oven or whether these will be separate pieces of equipment.


The dishwasher was a luxury convenience just a few decades ago, but is just as much a part of the traditional makeup of kitchen equipment as the stove or refrigerator today. Dishwashers are available both as built-in and portable units. According to "Homes: Today and Tomorrow," contrary to popular belief, dishwashers actually save more water and energy than washing dishes in the sink by hand.


Utensils include silverware like knives, spoons and forks. Other pieces of kitchen equipment that fall under the heading utensils can include cutting knives, potato peeler, can and bottle openers and even the cutting boards on which you use your collection of knives.


Cookware, pots and pans are also pieces of kitchen equipment that can vary significantly from one household to another. A single homeowner who doesn't do much cooking can get by with a large and small frying pan and boiling pot whereas a home chef could find a need for the dozen different pieces of cookware hanging over her counter top.

Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning equipment is most often stored beneath the sink and can include sponges, cloths and rags, soap, detergent, bleach, stain removers, wire brushes, bottle brushes and sanitizers. Larger items include mops, buckets, garbage bags and cans and brooms.

Small Appliances

Small appliances are items of kitchen equipment that will certainly vary from household to household. While almost all kitchens may have a microwave or blender, the other types of equipment a person owns can actually tell you something about their lifestyle. This equipment can include things like coffee grinders, deep fryers, electric woks, pasta makers, baby food makers, rice cookers, dehydrators and meat grinders. "Kitchen Idea Files" recommends prioritizing your checklist to determine which of these appliances become a necessity for your kitchen and which can remain luxury items to be purchased at a later date.

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