Advantages of a Clothes Dryer With Steam

Traditional clothes dryers use dry heat to remove moisture by evaporation. Evaporation is the process of turning liquid into gas, and steam is the gaseous result of water evaporating. The difference between a dryer with steam and a traditional dryer is that rather than simply removing moisture, a steam dryer applies measured steam at optimal times in order to achieve some desirable effects. Steam has the ability to penetrate fabrics, moistening fibers deeply and sanitizing them.

Sanitize and Remove Odors

Steam gets hotter than boiling water. High temperatures make steam an effective sanitizing agent. One of the effects of sanitizing is removing odors. If you hang up a shirt or blouse at night after a few hours in a closed space filled with cigarette smoke, you will probably smell the lingering odor of smoke in the morning. A clothes dryer with steam offers a solution that does not involve washing. You can toss the item of clothing into the steam clothes dryer, and when you remove it, the cigarette odor will be gone. No water in liquid form and no soap or detergent are needed. Remember to check for spots and stains before you steam dry garments to sanitize and deodorize. The hot steam may actually set stains into the fabric and make it difficult or impossible to remove.

Soften and Remove Wrinkles

Some clothes dryers with steam have an automatic reverse-tumble feature. This keeps garments from getting tangled up and twisted. Some also have a touch up cycle. Put wrinkled clothes in, let the steam dryer do its work and, at the end of cycle, your clothes are smooth, fresh and ready to wear.

Fast and Smart

A clothes dryer with steam can be fast and intuitive. Some have cycles as short as 20 minutes and a choice of more than 10 cycles. Plus, should you forget and leave a load of laundry in a steam clothes dryer after the cycle ends, the dryer will continue to steam the clothes if it has a wrinkle care option. Some models tumble the load for several hours, continually steaming to keep wrinkles from forming. If you manage to ignore the finished laundry and leave the load in the dryer overnight, you can get rid of the wrinkles with the same steam process. The clothes come out smooth in spite of not having been retrieved the night before.

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