What Causes a Clothes Dryer to Squeak?

A squeaky clothes dryer can cause many annoyances. It is a machine that is often running in your house when you are at home and are looking for peace and quiet. At first the squeak is usually quiet and barely audible, but it grows with time until it becomes very loud and obnoxious. It is best to try to fix these problems before they get too loud, which means the problem is worsening. Oftentimes the cause of the squeak can exist for multiple reasons and not necessarily one simple reason.

Rear Bearing Sleeve

A clothes dryer knob is not generally the cause of a squeaky dryer.

The rear bearing sleeve is located below the drum. On most washers it is accessed from the front, but usually the drum requires removal first. The rear bearing sleeve can cause squeaks if it becomes sticky from accumulating grease or if it wears down.


The rollers on the dryer, the components that help spin the dryer cabin, are often the source of squeaks. After some amount of time, the rollers squeak even with proper use. Take off the front lower panel of the dryer to find the small roller next to the motor and belt.


Another possible area for squeaks is where the drum sits on the upper round part of the door. This area has a plastic guide that keeps the metal drum separate from the metal door. After time, often three to four months, the plastic guide wears out, and the two small metal pieces produce a squeaking noise.

Worn Motor Drum Bearings

Bad motor drum bearings are another possible source for squeaking. This option is often overlooked as rollers and drums are the most common problem with squeaky dryers. To determine if the motor drum bearings are causing the problem, remove the drum drive belt and start the dryer. If the squeaking persists, it is likely caused by the motor bearings.

Loose Idler Pulley

The idler pulley is connected to the drum motor. Check for wear as a worn idler pulley can lead to a high-pitched irritating squeak. Worn idler pulleys are very common causes of squeaks. Look for a new idler pulley of the same model to stop the squeak.

Squeaky Door

Sometimes the door itself can cause the squeak as it opens and closes, which is caused from worn down metal parts rubbing against each other from years of opening and closing the door. Access this by listening where the sound comes from and identifying the squeak.

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