Temporary Fence Ideas

Temporary fences typically have lightweight designs and often feature multiple pieces or sections, which you can put together to form a variety of different perimeter shapes and sizes. While construction companies are perhaps the most well-known users of temporary fencing, several other industries utilize it as well. If you are thinking of purchasing or renting temporary fencing, there are several ideas that can help.

Chain-Link Fencing

An example of the wires on a chain-link fence, which form a diamond pattern.

Chain-link fencing consists of interwoven steel wires, which form a distinctive diamond pattern, that stretch across metal posts. The wire meshing usually comes in spools, which you can unroll, cut and fasten to the metal posts as needed. While some people use chain-link fencing permanently by cementing the posts into the ground, construction crews often utilize wide, tubular bases at the bottoms of the posts to keep the fencing portable. According to Fast Fence, in addition to being rot-resistant, chain-link fencing is at a low risk of toppling, as its open design allows for gusts of wind to blow right through. This open design also makes it easy for crews to watch over work sites, which is beneficial both for safety reasons and for preventing trespassers.

Welded Wire Panel Fencing

Unlike chain link fencing, welded wire panel fencing consists of a series of individual units, each of which features a wire mesh panel welded between two posts. You can arrange these units in whatever orientation you want, without having to unroll, cut or attach anything. According to Fast Fence, welded wire panel fencing typically provides more stability than its chain-link counterpart, as it has smaller spaces between its wires. This feature also makes it more difficult for potential intruders to climb welded wire panel fences, as there is not enough space for someone to get a grip with their foot.

Plastic Fencing

Police, security companies and several other organizations commonly utilize plastic fencing for perimeter and crowd control. For example, during concerts, organizers will often set up plastic fencing in parking lots to regulate traffic flow. According to Signature Fencing, the fencing comes in a wide array of different shapes, colors and styles. While some models are stackable for easy storage, others fold up--like the arms on a scissor lift—so that they can be convenient for carrying.

Dog Fence Kits

One of best ideas for a temporary residential fence is to use a dog fence kit, many of which you can find online. Most models are incredibly easy to install and consist simply of stakes, or posts, and a fabric or plastic mesh material that you wrap around them.

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