A Building Cleaning Checklist

The cleanliness of a building speaks volumes about the way the business within that building operates.

Main Building

Cleanliness shows how much a company cares about the business it conducts.Cleanliness shows how much a company cares about the business it conducts.
Clean windows, floors, doors frames and lobbies give the public an overall impression about the care a company takes with their business. Cleaning crews follow general checklists for cleaning procedures. The cleaning of buildings usually takes place after hours.

The lobby and front entry of the main building must look presentable at all times. After closing, the maintenance or custodial crew arranges furniture in the lobby, front offices and other furniture that is visible upon entry. If the building has a kitchen or kitchenette, custodial workers clean the counters, sinks and microwaves. They dispose of old items and sweep and mop the kitchen floor each day. Water cooler trays should be cleaned and bottles replaced daily if necessary. Workers also restock disposable water cups. If the building has separate offices, classrooms and meeting rooms, workers vacuum or sweep the floors. Trash cans are emptied, chairs and tables are set up and air conditioning and heating units are set to their overnight temperature.


The cleaning crew daily cleans the main bathrooms and bathrooms located in separate rooms of the building. Using antibacterial cleanser, they wipe down counters and toilets. Custodial workers use a glass cleaning solution for mirrors and windows in bathroom facilities. As needed workers restock paper towels, toilet paper and soap. They also sweep and mop bathroom floors.

Pest Control

Monthly pest control is a part of building cleaning. The first line of defense against pests is maintaining a clean environment. Methods of pest control vary by the individual business. Most buildings complete an integrated pest management checklist to determine the best method to use.

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