Ideas for In-Ground Backyard Fire Pit

Create a home landscape area to relax or socialize by installing an in-ground fire pit. Choose a style that fits the overall theme or design of the garden space to increase the visual appeal of the area. Set the fire pit away from the home, outdoor structures or trees to prevent an accidental fire. Remember to contact your local fire department or fire warden to get familiar with the open burning regulations of the area.


Choose a fire pit design that fits with the landscape theme.

Stone pavers lined around the edge of a fire pit create a polished look in your home landscape. Set the first row of pavers a minimum of 1 foot deep for an in-ground fire pit. You many choose to have one or two layers of pavers above the ground to create a ledge or rim that prevents accidentally stepping into the pit. Line the bottom of the pit with gravel and the interior walls with a steel ring to prevent heat damage to the pavers. Create a paver patio around the fire pit by choosing a color and style that coordinates with the fire pit. This gives a complete landscaped area for relaxing in the home landscape.

Metal Ring

The classic metal ring fire pit is the type often found at campgrounds or parks. Metal rings are low cost and easy to install compared to laying pavers or stone. Metal rings are available for purchase at camping supply or farm supply stores and require no lining. Dig a hole deep enough so approximately 1 inch of ring remains above ground. Place a layer of gravel at the bottom of the hole and set in the ring. Pack soil around the outside of the ring to hold it in place. Add a layer of gravel on the ground around the fire pit to prevent grass burn or damage from chairs placed in the area.

Natural Rock

Natural rock creates a rustic fire pit for a casual home landscape setting. Purchase rocks from a landscape or garden store or contact a local farm to see if they have free rock pulled out of fields. Dig a half circle hole 1 to 2 feet deep and gradually slope the sides of the hole. Add a layer of gravel and sand to cover the entire surface of the hole. Set the rocks on top of the lining to create a rock bowl pit. Fill any holes between the rocks with sand, if desired. Line the top edge with rocks to define the fire pit and finish the design. Add a layer of gravel or small stones on the ground around the fire pit to prevent grass damage and complete the garden area.

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