A List of Items for the Kitchen

The kitchen is commonly referred to as the "heart of the home," because this the space where family and friends gather around to prepare meals and enjoy time with one another. There are several items that are necessary in a kitchen to make it not only functional, but an appealing place to be.


An oven is an essential kitchen item.

A kitchen isn't a kitchen without appliances.  There are some appliances that are necessary and some that are suited to your specific needs. A refrigerator, oven and a stove are must-have kitchen appliances.  Without these items, you would not be able to store perishable foods, nor prepare them. There are several varieties of these appliances to suite your needs and style.  For instance, if you have a flare for the modern and like speed in cooking, consider a stainless steel convection oven. For a large family, a French door refrigerator offers a great deal of storage space.  Other appliances that may not be necessary, but can certainly make your life easier include a microwave, a coffee maker, a food processor and a dishwasher.


Cookware is certainly essential in a kitchen --- without it, cooking food would not be possible.  Pots and pans are used for preparing meals on a stove top. They are typically used for boiling, stewing, sauteing and frying.  Pots and pans are typically made from cast iron, aluminum or lined copper. Cookie sheets, baking pans and roasting pans are used for cooking inside the oven.  As their names suggest, they are used to prepare roasts, cookies and other baked items. These types of cookware are often made from stainless steel, tempered glass and porcelain enamel. 


Utensils are needed for eating, as well as for cooking.  Typical flatware used for everyday eating includes butter and steak knives, tea and soup spoons, as well as dinner and dessert forks. The functional part of these utensils --- for example, the knife blades --- are generally made of stainless steel.  The handles can be made of wood, metal or plastic and there are an array of styles and colors available. When purchasing cooking utensils, consider your needs.  A chef knife can be used for carving meats, while a paring knife is better suited for cutting fruits and cheeses. You'll likely find many uses for a spatula --- from flipping omelets to removing cookies from cookie sheets.  A pair of tongs is useful for removing items from boiling water. A can opener and a vegetable peeler are other utensils that are commonly used in a kitchen Dishes, also integral in a kitchen, come in a wide range of styles and colors and are made from a host of materials, including plastic, porcelain and glass.  Purchase enough dinner and dessert plates, as well as bowls to serve your family and a few extra for guests or when dishes are dirty.

Dishes and Cups

Typical cups includes tumblers, juice glasses and pint glasses.  You'll also likely want to have mugs for serving tea and coffee. As with dishes, you'll find there are several varieties of cups --- from cobalt blue glass to plastic. 

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