Problems with a Refrigerator Water Filter

Refrigerator water filters help purify water that passes through the dispensers that refrigerators use to provide water and ice to users. The filters help clean what would have been ordinary tap water, often making it taste cleaner and fresher than before, or removing chemicals in the water that homeowners would rather not drink. Many modern refrigerators have some type of water filter in place, and although the filters can be advantageous, they can also develop problems over time.

Lower Pressure

Refrigerator filters can contaminate water if they are dirty.

When water filters are installed, all water that the refrigerator uses must flow through them first, which lowers the pressure of the water from the perspective of the user, who is used to the ordinary pressure in his home from faucets. Practically, the lower pressure means that it takes longer to fill up a cup at the water dispenser, which some owners may find annoying.


As water filters grow old, they can become clogged with the debris they are preventing from passing through in the dispenser and ice maker. Not only does this lower the water pressure even more, but it can also divert some of the water flow and make it easier for the dispenser to leak.

Old Filters

Not only can old filters make leaks more likely, but they can also cause contamination problems. As more and more debris builds up in the filter, it can become an environment friendly to bacteria and molds. As a result, the filter becomes less effective at the same time it encourages contaminant particles, doing the opposite of what was originally intended.

Replacing Filters

If you have a refrigerator with a water filter, you should replace the filter once or twice a year. Unfortunately, few people are aware of their water filters, and even fewer make sure that their filters are regularly replaced. With the many different models of refrigerators available, finding the right filter for your model may not be easy. You may have to order new filters directly from the manufacturer, which can add transportation costs to your purchase.

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