What Are Melaleuca Products?

Oil of Melalueca Inc. was founded in in 1984, soon after co-owner Roger Ball made a trip to Australia and learned about a healing plant used widely by the Australian Aborigines--the melaleuca or tea tree. However, the original business venture was shut down because of legal complications and rebranded as Melaleuca Inc. in 1985. Using the technique of multi-level marketing, Melaleuca Inc.sold a number of products based on the reported healthful properties of melaleuca oil. Now known as the Melaleuca Wellness Compnay, the line has expanded to items that do not contain any melaleuca oil.

Vitamins and Supplements

The melalueca tree originates in Australia.

The Melaleuca company sells supplements formulated for women, men and children as well as for specific health concerns such as immune support, brain health, pregnancy and prostate health.

Household and Cleaning

Products for cleaning laundry, floors, dishes and general housekeeping are available from the Melaleuca company in addition to a variety of air fresheners and scented candles.

Personal Care

The Melaleuca company markets basic first aid supplies such as pain relievers, burn cream and antiseptic cream along with medicines for cold, heartburn and dry skin. Products for dental hygiene, bath, skin and hair care are also available. They carry a full selection of make-up, including perfume and cologne.

Food and Weight Loss

Meal bars, sports drinks, protein shakes and other weight loss foods along with a small number of organic snack products and breakfast cereals are marketed by the company.

Pet Care

Products for grooming, training and treats make up the Melaleuca pet care line.