7014 Welding Rod Specifications

Welding with a rod, according to the Airgas website, involves joining "metals when an arc is struck between the electrode and the work piece, creating a weld pool and depositing a consumable metal electrode into the joint.

Iron Powder Coating

" The rod used -- also known as a stick or electrode -- differs according to the metal used. Each rod has a protective coating that serves a double purpose: ensuring the purity of the weld and protecting it. The 7014 welding rod has a coating on it that sets it apart from other rods.

The 7014 welding rod's coating, made of iron powder, has two benefits: It allows the user to drag the electrode while welding, and to weld more quickly than with other welding rods. The Keen Ovens website states that a user dragging a rod "need only to drag it on the surface of the steel" while welding, instead of being more particular about where to place the welding rod. The 7014 rod works well in situations, for example, that lack a perfect joint or require a very flat bead.


The 7014 welding rod comes in packages that weigh 5 pounds, as listed on the Northern Tool and Equipment website. Including the box, the weight increases by .06 pound. The 7014 welding rod has a 1/8-inch diameter, with a tensile strength of 70,000 pounds per square inch.

Use Description

The 7014 rod works well in most applications, whether welding overhead or on a work surface. Its penetration or depth of the weld ranks as medium to low, and it produces smooth, "fine-rippled" beads, the KH Metals website reports.

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