Models of Kirby Vacuum Cleaners

The Kirby Company produced its first vacuum cleaner in 1906.

Generation Series

Kirby vacuums are designed to carefully tend to carpet while ridding allergens and stains.
Since then Kirby has obtained more than 200 patents and continues to develop cutting-edge vacuum cleaners. Not only did Kirby develop the modern day vacuum cleaner, but this company pioneered the art of door-to-door home selling. While other vacuum cleaner manufacturers have developed multiple vacuum styles, Kirby continues to produce variations of the standard upright vacuum. .

The Kirby Generation Series vacuum cleaners feature a self-propelled motor, which assists users during operation. As of 2010, Kirby features four Generation Series models, which include the Generation 3, G4, G5 and the GSix. Each new Generation Series model released featured enhanced technologies. It wasn’t until the Kirby G4 that the Micron Magic Filtration System was introduced, which is an advanced air filtration system capable of removing impurities from the air and floor. The Kirby G5 and GSix models are similar in how they work; however, the most notable difference is HEPA Filtration System found in the GSix. The Generation Series was discontinued in 2002; however, replacement bags and parts are still available through the Kirby Company and authorized dealers.

Ultimate Series

The Kirby Ultimate Series consists of two models: the standard Kirby Ultimate and the advanced Kirby Ultimate Diamond Edition. The Kirby Ultimate has the same configuration as the Generation Series GSix model, and the most notable difference is the color, which features a steel and beige color scheme instead of a steel and black scheme. The Kirby Ultimate Diamond Edition is also similar to the GSix; however, it features two main improvements. These include the two-speed motor, which allows users to turn down the power for delicate vacuuming, and a lighter shampooer attachment. Both of the models in the Ultimate Series are still in circulation as of 2010.


The Kirby Sentria is the latest development of the Kirby Company, as of 2010. The Sentria System is marketed by Kirby as being 12 machines in a single vacuum. This vacuum is manufactured out of die cast aluminum and some of the functions this machine is capable of performing include carpet shampooing, canister vacuuming, deep cleaning and buffering floors. One of the more notable features in the Kirby Sentria System is the TechDrive motor, which is a powerful assist feature requiring users to barely use any force to move the vacuum.

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