Things You Can Use as a Tablecloth

Leigh Shan

Covering your table with something that will protect the surface need not be an expensive or difficult task. Aside from traditional cloth tablecloths, there are several materials that can shield your table from scratches, spills and crumbs. Getting creative with the materials you use as a tablecloth can also add a bit of your personality to the dining area.

Shower Curtain Liner

Alternative tableclothes add a flair of individuality to a table.

A plastic shower curtain liner is a practical alternative to a traditional tablecloth as it is large enough to cover most rectangular tables and inexpensive to purchase. A shower curtain liner is particularly good for tables that will be used for craft projects or other messy undertakings because the plastic material allows for easy cleanup of spills better than paper or cloth.

Butcher Paper

Covering a table with white or brown butcher paper is inexpensive and provides a fun way for children to color while seated. Place markers, crayons, colored pencils and stencils on top of the butcher paper and encourage kids, or even adults, to use their talents to create a work of art right on the table. Butcher paper is also a fun idea to use at a party where you can have guests write notes or anecdotes on the tablecloth for the host to read.

Wrapping Paper

For a special occasion like a holiday or birthday, consider lining your table with festive gift-wrapping paper. This is inexpensive and the bright colors and patterns of the wrapping paper will add to the decor of the room. Wrapping paper is easy to discard when you are finished with it, making for a hassle-free cleaning process.