Decorative Ideas for Old Crock Pots

Kittie McCoy

Once an crock pot stops working properly, your first thought might be to throw it away but don't give up on that old counter-top appliance yet. You can recycle an old crock pot into a decorative item for your kitchen or other areas of your home with a few simple techniques.


You can paint the outside of a crock pot with epoxy spray paint. This spray paint adheres well to smooth surfaces such as refrigerators, stoves or crock pots. Do your spray painting outside to prevent accidentally spraying the surfaces inside your home and to ensure proper ventilation during the process. Once the base coat of epoxy paint is dry, you can paint on extra details with latex paints and a paint brush. When you're satisfied with your crock pot's appearance, protect the paint with a few coats of clear acrylic spray.


Decoupage involves gluing pieces of paper to an item and covering it with a decoupage medium. This process can be used to decorate an old crock pot to match your kitchen decor or provide an interesting and artistic knickknack. You can use pictures cut from magazines, wrapping paper or greeting cards to decorate your crock pot. Apply the pictures with white glue and smooth them down to remove any wrinkles or creases. Purchase a decoupage medium from a craft store or create your own by mixing three parts white glue with one part water. Brush a thick layer of the decoupage medium onto the paper and let it dry to create a hard, shiny finish. Continue to apply additional coats of the decoupage medium until the outside of your crock pot feels smooth to the touch.

Flower Pot

Fill a decorated crock pot with potting soil to transform it into a flower pot. Add a flowering plant to add a burst of color and fresh fragrance to your kitchen or choose a vegetable plant to decorate and grow fresh product. If you have a black thumb or just don't want the responsibility of caring for a plant, you can display artificial flowers in your crock pot instead. Fill the pot with marbles or stones instead of potting soil to hold your flowers in place.

As long as you still have the lid to your crock pot, you can transform it into a cookie jar. You can decorate the recycled cookie jar with images of cookies using decoupage and painting techniques or keep its cookie contents under wraps with generic designs to match your kitchen decor.

Air Freshener

Another use for an old crock pot is transforming it into a potpourri bowl. Fill your decorated crock pot with potpourri and leave the lid off to fill any room of your home with fragrance.

Floating Candle Centerpiece

Create an unusual centerpiece on your table for special occasions or holidays with a decorated crock pot. Simply fill your crock pot with water and place one or more floating candles in the water. You can tint the water with a few drops of food coloring to add to the decorative effect.