GE Profile Dryer Troubleshooting

GE used to sell a top-loading Profile Dryer, but now only sells the front-loading model.


The front loader is available in red, champagne or white and comes in either electric or gas. Some of the models even come with a device that will automatically dispense the necessary amount of detergent and fabric softener on its own. No matter which model or color you select, however, you are still likely to run into some trouble. Try troubleshooting the problems on your own before you call the service center.

If you can't get your GE Profile dryer to turn on, perhaps your control panel has fallen "asleep." Just press the START button two times and it should select the last cycle that was selected, once again beginning the dryer. Make sure the unit is plugged in and that no circuit breaker has been tripped and no fuse has been blown. If you find that your control pads will not work, there is a chance that they were accidentally put into "Service" mode. All you need to do is press the STOP button and they should begin to work again.


If your dyer will not heat up, first investigate whether you have a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. If only one fuse has blown, or only one breaker has been tripped, the dryer can still tumble, but will not heat.

The gas service needs to be turned on for your unit to give off heat. Ensure that the gas shutoff has not accidentally been turned off. You may also need to refill the LP gas supply tank.

Dryness Level

If you have selected the DRY dryness level, yet the load is still damp when you take it out, it may been that your load consisted of too large a mixture of heavy and lighter fabrics. In addition, your exhaust system may be blocked and needs to be cleaned out. If you try to select a dryness level or a heat setting and it will not let you make a selection, but instead beeps twice, this means that the option you are trying to chose is not compatible with the chosen dry cycle.

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