Do it Yourself Log Cabin Home Kits

Building a log cabin is no small task and requires a great deal of planning before you can truly begin. For the do-it-yourselfer, building a log cabin is one of the most satisfying projects one can take on. It is possible to derive the majority of your raw materials from your surroundings on your own, construction requires little to no commercial equipment, and the end result is a home that can be used and maintained for generations if kept up. However, due to the complexity of the project you may wish to consider beginning with a kit.

Pre-Fabricated Home Kits

A full log cabin kit comes with everything you need to build a pre-designed cabin. This includes the logs and log building accessories, roof timber, framing, siding, paneling for the floors and ceilings, pre-cut corners and trim, shipping, and technical advice. The primary advantage of using a completely pre-fabricated kit is that you get everything you need to build a cabin to specifications, coupled with professional advice for constructing the structure. The amount of time it takes to construct this type of structure is greatly cut down and the construction is not very difficult at all. However, a pre-fabricated kit greatly subtracts from the customizability of the structure and the do-it-yourself feel.

Pre-Fabricated Log Kits

If you do not have access to timber but wish to build your home according to your own design, you can buy pre-fabricated logs specifically designed for log cabins. The logs will come shaven, sanded, dried, and cut for different types of placement for different designs. This is an excellent option if you wish to build your cabin true to your own design, but do not have the means or the patience for cutting the timber yourself. With pre-fabricated logs you can get logs cut to the specifics of your design for simple construction. This will usually also provide the most modern look for your cabin, since the logs will be machine cut and uniform. However, the cut of the logs is limited to the supplier's catalog and your design will have to bend to what is available in some cases.

Bare Bones Kits

For the complete do-it-yourselfer, you can get bare bones kits that only include building plans and literature on the techniques required for construction. The greatest advantage to taking this route is that you will gain the satisfaction of building the entire structure from scratch and the useful know-how and experience of doing so. However, this method will require that you have access to timber and the time and tools to build your cabin.

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