Pella Storm Door Installation

A storm door is defined as a thinner door outside a front door to add insulation in the winter time and ventilation and sunlight in summer. The Pella storm door is thus placed on the exterior of a regular front door and is meant to act as a shield against weather conditions. It can also protect against pests such as flies and mosquitoes. A Pella storm door can also save energy.

Installation Process

First, choose your Pella storm door style from among the three available types: fullview, highview and midview. One of the main differences among these is the amount of air they let in. The fullview lets in the least amount of air, followed by the highview and midview. Once you have chosen the type of door, installation is simple and easy. You will need five tools: a pencil for taking measurements; measuring tape, a Phillips screwdriver; scissors and power drill. One of Pella's models, called the Express Install, can be installed by securing it at just two places on the door, as it has a keyed multipoint lock.

Doing the Installation

Installing a Pella storm door is essentially the same as installing a screen, which means the door doesn’t need to be removed. Following the step-by-step instructions in the instruction manual is easy. You will need to attach the header frame, which is made of metal, to the top of the door frame. You can do this by drilling holes in the doorframe where you want the header frame to go and then screwing the header frame on the storm door into these holes in the existing doorframe. Next, put the side frame in place by sliding it into the header frame.

Time to Install

Pella claims that certain models of storm doors can be installed in less than an hour. This estimate is subjective, because the installation time depends on the kind of door that is being installed; the level of skill and expertise of the people working on the job; how many such people are actually involved in installing the door; and other related factors. However, even for novices, installation of Pella storm doors is relatively easy and can be accomplished with basic tools.