Skilsaw Troubleshooting

You may run into a problem with your Skilsaw that you don't know how to fix. Before spending time calling customer service, or money on a technician, you can attempt to find a solution for the problem on your own. Additional help is available at Skil's website.

Cut Stalls Motor

A dull blade with an improper tooth setting can cause your Skilsaw motor to stall while cutting. You will need to replace the blade. If the board you are cutting is warped, it can also cause the motor to stall mid-cut. Always ensure that, if your board is warped, the concave side faces down. Make sure that the piece of wood you are cutting is also clamped down correctly and well supported.

Excessive Vibration and Slow Speed

If your Skilsaw's blade is out of balance, it can cause excessive vibration. You will need to replace the blade. Also ensure that the piece you are working on is clamped down tightly. If your blade will not come up to the proper speed, your extension cord may be too lightweight or too long in length. The problem can also occur if your house has too low of a voltage.

Will Not Start

If your Skilsaw will not start, the cord may be damaged. If it is, you will need to contact a Skil Service Center to have it replaced. If the problem is not caused by an unplugged cord, tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse, you may have a burned out switch or damaged trigger. Either or both components will need to be replaced before the saw will work correctly.

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