Jute in the Use of Sofas

Donni Jones

Jute, or burlap as it is also called, is a natural plant fiber that can be spun into thread. The fiber has long been used in making curtains, wall coverings, carpets and area rugs, twine and rope, and canvas. These days, jute is often used in the upholstery of home furnishings, such as sofas.


Jute, or burlap, is a natural plant fiber.

Jute has a naturally brittle, rough feel, but blending it with other material reduces this coarseness and allows it to be used for applications such as sofa upholstering. Jute fabric can be blended with both natural and synthetic fabrics, including nylon, polyester, rayon, wool, linen and cotton. This blending not only decreases jute's coarseness but increases the durability of the fabric with which it is combined. Additionally, extremely fine jute threads are used to make faux silk. This smooth, glossy cloth is used to make sofa and love seat slipcovers, decorative sofa pillows and throws for sofas and chairs.

To Dye For

Sofas upholstered in jute fabric are available in more than the dull brown that is the fiber’s natural shade. As a result of advances in dying technology, such as treating jute with enzymes, preparing it with lubricants and bleaching it before dying, jute fabric is not only available in a wide range of colors, but the dye jobs are more brilliant and longer-lasting. Jute-upholstered sofas can be found in a wide range of colors, even prints and patterns, to match the décor of any living room or the taste of any buyer.


The advantages of using jute on sofas are many. It has a high tensile strength, which means it stretches a lot before tearing. It has natural fire-resistant properties, and the material is lightweight and very inexpensive. Another major boon, especially in today’s environmentally conscious times, is that jute is eco-friendly, biodegradable and renewable. Jute grows very quickly, so quickly it can be both planted and harvested within half a year. So in addition to installing solar panels and recycling garbage to make one’s house a green home, purchasing jute-upholstered sofas is another idea.