Mobile Home Coleman Furnace Installation

Steve Smith

A Coleman mobile home furnace is specially designed to be installed in a manufactured home. It is a recessed unit, which means it is installed in a space with a recess, or in an open area. If you are installing one of these furnaces, be aware that the placement of the unit affects its heat distribution of the unit. Air circulation and safety should be considered before you decide where to install the furnace.

Installation Location

The Coleman heating furnace is a recessed, vented unit so it must be positioned as close to the center of the mobile home as possible. In this position, the furnace will most adequately heat the home. It allows more air circulation around the unit, which assists in its operation, since the furnace requires air to operate. In addition, the heat is better distributed throughout the home and more heat is retained. Placing the heater next to the wall results in heat loss through the wall itself.

If your home has a divider or separate rooms, place the heater closer to the bedrooms. This allows for more heat near the bedrooms and helps to heat these areas, which are separate from the main home.

Installing in a Door or Closet

The Coleman furnace should not be installed inside of a closet or door. This prevents the proper circulation of air around the unit. In addition, the heat produced will reflect off of the walls and door of the closet. The unit is not designed to hook into a venting system. The heat produced is ambient and radiates directly from the heater. Placing the inside of any closed structure will limit its ability to properly heat the entire mobile home. If your mobile home features a closet area or a divider, place the furnace on either side instead of in the closet itself.

Installation requires at least 14-1/2 inch of width and 7-1/2 inches of depth for the proper installation. Though a closet typically has this much room, installing the furnace inside a closet causes two problems: it reduces the flow of heat and air around the unit and it presents a fire hazard.


Coleman furnaces should not be placed inside of a single bedroom because the heat will be limited to that particular space. If you have multiple furnaces and wish to install one in each bedroom, consider choosing smaller-sized furnaces in each. A Coleman mobile home furnace is made to heat an entire manufactured home. The furnace will produce too much heat for a single room.