How to Get Yellowed Whites White Again

Maggie McCormick

Over time, many white clothes start to turn yellow. This can occur from over-bleaching, sediments in your water or the type of detergent you're using, among other things. Naturally, you want to get your yellowed whites white again. Fortunately, this isn't as difficult as it may seem.

You can get your yellowed whites white again.


This method will bleach any colors in your clothes; it is only appropriate for all-white clothes.

  1. Pour boiling water in the sink or the bucket. If using the sink, close the drain.

  2. Add the Cascade, detergent and baking soda. Stir this mixture with a large wooden spoon.

  3. Place your items into the soap-water mixture. Use the spoon to push the items down, completely covering them with water.

  4. Soak items for two hours.

  5. Wash the items in the washing machine using the "Whites" setting. Wash as you normally would using the "Whites" or "Hot" setting. Your yellowed whites should now come out bright white.