How to Stop Road Noise in a House

Tallulah Roberto

Living close to a noisy road can make life a little stressful. Sitting in the backyard can be less than relaxing if you are constantly aware of the traffic passing by. There are ways to minimize the noise or make it less intrusive.

Traffic noise can be an irritant.

Depending on the style of your house, you can tackle the problem from the inside or from the outside. Combining several techniques will help you enjoy a quieter, more relaxing time at home.


Combine several techniques to enhance your home and increase its value as well as reducing noise levels.


Be careful if planting trees that they are not too close to the house as the roots could damage to the foundations.

  1. Tape gaps at the bottom of windows and door with insulating tape. Even the smallest gap will allow traffic noise into the house. This will have the added benefit of keeping the house draft-free and reducing energy bills .

  2. Choose thick curtains or door hangings to add an extra layer of noise insulation. A double layer of curtains or a blind at the window and thick curtains to close at night will help keep traffic noise out.

  3. Replace your home's windows with double-pane or triple-pane windows. This is an expensive option but the noise reduction will be dramatic. Check with the glazing manufacturer as the thickness of the glass will effect the soundproofing, with thicker layers at further distances apart working best.

  4. Plant trees as a barrier between the house and road. Choose evergreen fast growing trees or shrubs to make a natural and attractive sound barrier. Replace the sound of the traffic with the sound of birds sheltering in the trees.

  5. Erecting a bamboo fence and planting growing bamboo are cheaper options if space is too limited for trees. A tall fence will help bounce the noise back towards the road and away from your home.