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How to Improve the Appearance of a Flat Roof

Melanie Fleury

A flat roof is often a choice a homeowner makes because it is inexpensive and easy to construct. Unfortunately, it can make the whole home appear inexpensive.

The roof of a home can add or detract from its appeal.

There are ways to change the appearance of a flat roof by changing things about the home to draw attention away from it, or to make changes to enhance the look of the roof.

  1. Add onto the home if the home is the shape of a rectangle. A rectangular home combined with a flat roof can make the house look boxy and unattractive. If a room addition is not in the budget, add a patio, trellis or bay window to change the overall shape of your home.

  2. Extend the flat roof over the edge of the home to create a shaded area or covered living area. This will add depth and dimension to your home as well as provide some additional outdoor living space.

  3. Paint your flat roof a different color than the rest of the home. This will help to set apart the roof and give it a sense of design. You can also add trim to the roof to make it stand out from the home.

  4. Surround the home with shrubs, fencing or a wall to create another plane or line to which the eye will be drawn. This will help divert attention away from the plainness of the roof and roof line.

  5. Add lights, landscape features or any other design elements that will help keep the eye moving to the front of the house and away from the roof line.