How to Dissolve Uratic Salts

Adelaide Tresor

Slow-draining toilets may be the result of uratic salt deposits along pipe walls, impeding the flow of water. Likewise, individuals suffering from kidney stones often discover it is due to a buildup of uratic crystals in their kidneys.

Uratic salt buildup is equally detrimental to bathroom and internal plumbing.

Commercial cleaners, including USR, are effective at decomposing uratic salts in toilet and urinal pipelines, while vitamin vendors such as GNC can recommend a variety of personal cleansing products and diet modifications to prevent uratic salt accumulation in the endocrine system. Individuals who prefer home remedies can also make their own compounds to dissolve uratic salts.


Carrot juice or grape juice can be substituted for orange juice. Unfiltered apple juice will replace parsely water for better taste.


Do not add goldenrod tincture to kidney cleansing recipe if you are allergic to it.

Boil parsley water before preparing each serving to avoid spoilage.

The endocrine system cleanser can cause excess gas, but this may be reduced by taking a ginger capsule with each meal.

Restroom Cleaner

  1. Combine 100 g of vitamin B6 and 300 mg of magnesium oxide with 2 liters of orange juice in a plastic gallon jug. Shake vigorously to dissolve B6 and magnesium.

  2. Add water to fill jug and shake vigorously. Pour approximately a quarter of the mixture into the clogged toilet and flush.

  3. Repeat as necessary until water drains quickly from the toilet bowl or urinal. After the salt deposit is dissolved, use the solution once a month to prevent future uratic acid accumulation.

Endocrine System Cleanser

  1. Boil one bunch of parsley in 1 quart of water for three minutes. Discard parsley and allow the water to cool.

  2. Freeze 24 oz. of parsley water and add hydrangea root, gravel root and marshmallow root to the remaining 8 oz. Add 20 drops of goldenrod tincture and 1 tbsp. of vegetable glycerin.

  3. Refrigerate beverage and drink in small portions throughout the day to avoid stomach cramps. Continue for three weeks and repeat every six months.