How to Troubleshoot a John Deere 145

James Cooper

The John Deere 145 lawn tractor is a reliable and popular model for many homeowners. As with any lawn tractor there are times where it malfunctions and needs repair. Before you pay for an unnecessary service for your John Deere 145, make the effort to troubleshoot the problem.

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You may find that you can make the repair yourself. As always, refer to your user manual for details about the location of parts for your John Deere 145.

  1. Insert a dipstick into the transmission oil well. Pull the dipstick out slowly and note where the oil is on the dipstick. If it is below the low mark you will need to add transmission oil.

  2. Inspect the battery in your John Deere 145 to ensure it is charged and to look for any corrosion on the battery terminals. If the battery won’t start the tractor and you find corrosion, you may need to replace the battery.

  3. Check for any vibrations in the tractor when you drive it. If you sense a vibration, the blade may be out of balance and you may need to have the blade or drive belts adjusted.

  4. Stop the tractor and put the gearshift in neutral. The tractor should stay in one location without moving. If it moves either forward or backwards you may need to have the linkage repaired.

  5. Drive the tractor and lower the blade to cut the grass. If the tractor doesn’t cut properly, you may have a clogged chute or mower deck. Turn off the tractor and check inside the mower chute and under the blade deck for obstructions.

  6. Refer to your user manual for the required amount of tire pressure. Use a pressure gauge to check each of the tires to ensure they are sufficiently inflated.