Should Dryer Sheets Be Used in Samsung Front Load Dryers?

Meredith Jameson

Samsung brand dryers feature multiple cycles and options, as well as stainless steel drums, variable temperature settings and steam drying options. Using the dryer is fairly straightforward, including loading and running the appliance.

Many people like the fabric softening and static reducing properties of dryer sheets, but caution may be advisable.

Many owners like to use fabric softener sheets in the dryer to reduce static electricity and soften items while drying but may not be sure if they can use the dryer sheets with a Samsung front load dryer.

Dryer Sheet Advantages

Fabric softener sheets coat the items inside the dryer with a layer of chemicals that both lubricate and provide electric conductivity to help prevent static electricity. The dryer sheets may also help reduce wrinkling. These features can be useful in terms of reducing static, softening the fabric and sometimes even making the items smell nice if the dryer sheet is scented.

Dryer Sheet Drawbacks

Fabric softener sheets may reduce the overall ability of fabric to absorb water due to the coating of chemicals on the fabric that is created by the sheets. This may make washing the items more difficult or take more time. In addition, some users do not care for the use of chemicals that may transfer onto skin or other items.

Dryer Problems

Using too many fabric softener sheets in the dryer at one time may cause problems in a Samsung dryer. It is recommended to only use one dryer sheet at a time as using more than one can block the vents in the dryer, preventing proper air flow and causing the dryer to take longer to dry or even overheating the motor. In addition, the chemical film from the dryer sheets may coat the lint filter over time. This may be resolved by washing the filter screen with warm, soapy water on a regular basis to remove any chemicals from the screen.

Samsung Dryers

Samsung cautions users to examine the fabric softener container for specific recommendations or warnings about its use with specific dryer brands, such as Samsung. Some dryer sheet brands may be acceptable for use with a Samsung dryer, but others may not. Read all labels carefully and do not use the fabric softener sheet if you are unsure about its compatibility with your Samsung dryer.