How to Weatherproof Your Outdoor Holiday Decorations

How to Weatherproof Your Outdoor Holiday Decorations. Holiday lights and decorations can transform your yard into a true winter wonderland. But take care to follow standard safety guidelines to avoid unexpected disasters.

  1. Decorate only with lights and decorations that are specifically approved for outdoor use.

  2. Check items for cracked sockets or loose wires. These hazards could cause a bad shock or even start a fire.

  3. Use insulated staples to secure lights to your house or trees. Remember that sticking a nail through the electrical strings could damage the wire and cause a fire.

  4. Keep extension cords away from snow and ice.

  5. Turn off or unplug electric decorations when you leave your home or go to bed.

  6. Don't plug too many decorations into one outlet, or you could overload your circuit and cause a power outage.

  7. Remove outdoor decorations soon after the holidays to prevent winter weather from causing extensive wear on the items.

  8. Tip

    Follow the directions that come with your decorations for proper use. Consider purchasing special hooks at your local hardware or home goods store that are made to hold up strings of Christmas lights without having to tack them to your wall or trees.