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How to Adjust a Window Spring Lift

How to Adjust a Window Spring Lift. Whether you have a new home or an older one, keeping everything working properly requires regular routine checks throughout the home. Over time, windows may begin to malfunction or become unbalanced.

Before deciding to replace the entire window, try these few steps to adjust the spring lift and return your windows to working order.

  1. Locate your spring lift in the window tracking. Remove the screws that are securing the top of the spring lift rod within the tube. Keep these close by to be returned to their original positions.

  2. Hold the tube firmly in place to prevent its uncoiling. Keep in mind its placement now to gauge how much adjusting will need to be done.

  3. Turn the tube clockwise to increase the lifting strength. Turn the tube in the opposite direction to lower the lifting strength. If the window is difficult to lift, reduce the spring's strength. If the window is too easy to open or slowly slides back down, tighten the spring's strength.

  4. Replace the screws in the top of the tube once you have reached your desired level of strength in the window spring lift. You may have to repeat the third step to obtain the exact strength you want. The window should lift and shut with ease once you have tightened the top screws.