How to Remove Limescale With Vinegar

How to Remove Limescale With Vinegar. Lime scale is a combination of hard water and soap residue that can collect on bathroom faucets and appear difficult to remove. A little bathroom tissue, a sandwich bag and some white vinegar are enough to have your faucets sparkling in no time.

  1. Grab a handful of bathroom tissue and place in a sandwich bag. Anywhere between 10 and 15 squares of double ply should be more than sufficient. Remember it will shrink drastically after you add liquid.

  2. Pour or shake vinegar onto the wadded bathroom tissue until it is completely soaked. The vinegar is stong so hold the bag away from you as you pour.

  3. Attach the sandwich bag onto the faucet. Be sure that lime scale area is completely covered by the tissue inside the bag.

  4. Secure the bag in place using rubber bands. The seal should be close to airtight so that the acid can build and surround the lime scale.

  5. Leave the bag on the faucet for at least 1 hour. If you can leave it longer all the better. Overnight would ensure a thorough cleaning.

  6. Remove the sandwich bag and tissue. The lime scale will mostly now be on the tissue but flakes may remain on faucet.

  7. Rinse off the faucet with cold water and dispose of the sandwich bag and tissue in the garbage.

  8. Tip

    The odor of concentrated vinegar can remain strong for a long time. Double bag the vinegar soaked tissue before disposal. Wiping the faucet with water and lemon juice will remove any residual odor of vinegar. Keep faucets dry between uses to prevent further lime scale buildup.