How to Install a Heat Pump

How to Install a Heat Pump. Use a heat pump to gather heat from outside sources and transfer that heat inside. To cool your home, a heat pump can take the heat already inside and send it outside. Using one of these units is the most efficient way to heat your home.

Install a heat pump this year to save at least 30 percent on your heating and cooling costs.

  1. Choose a location for the outside part of your heat pump and place it about 10 inches from the wall of your home. Ensure that you face the heat pump with the connections toward the wall. Leave at least 18 inches for service access at the back corner of the unit and keep the top 36 inches away from anything that can block the air vents.

  2. Place your heat pump on a 4-inch slab of concrete that isn't connected to your home. Ensure that you make the slab level and surround it with gravel so you don't have problems with drainage from the heat pump. Leave a clearance of 3 inches from the coil at the bottom of the heat pump for proper drainage of frost buildup.

  3. Mount the inside unit, or air handler, inside your home. If you install the two parts and separate them by a distance greater than 15 feet, you must ensure that you don't lift the liquid and suction lines too high.

  4. Insulate the vapor gas line of your heat pump with 1/2-inch-thick insulation around the tubing, making sure to insulate the entire length of the tubing. Cover the end of the tubing that you start with so you don't let any debris into the tubing.

  5. Connect the outdoor unit of your heat pump to the indoor unit. Ensure that the copper tubing is round at the end you connect. Take off the valve cap on the outside unit and keep the cap clean. Open the valve body with an Allen wrench, insert the copper tubing and replace the valve cap. Use a wrench to tighten the valve cap and seal it into place.

  6. Allow a slow, steady release of pressure from the indoor coil when you perforate the copper caps. Secure the tubing to the indoor unit to keep the coil dry. If you leave the coil uncovered, you risk exposure to moisture.

  7. Tip

    If you mount the outside unit of your heat pump higher than the inside unit, don't leave more than 70 vertical feet between the top of the outside unit and the bottom of the inside unit. If you mount the inside unit of your heat pump higher than the outside unit, don't leave more than 50 vertical feet between the two units.

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