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How to Bend Aluminum Fascia

How to Bend Aluminum Fascia. When installed correctly, aluminum fascia can protect the underside and hard-to-reach areas of your home from water damage and excessive repainting. In order to apply this material to places like your rain gutters, you must know how to bend it so that it matches the angles of your roofing.

  1. Buy aluminum fascia that is the same color as your existing rain gutters. Measure the width and height of the gutters, and get fascia that is 1 or 2 inches bigger to account for an overhang and surface area lost during bending.

  2. Call local hardware stores to ask if they carry a brake available for renting. This tool allows you to quickly and uniformly bend material like aluminum fascia, helping you to cut down on the time needed to complete a big project. If you can't find a brake, buy a combination square to use as a solid edge to bend the material by hand.

  3. Measure 1 to 1.5 inches in on the short side of the aluminum fascia. Use the brake or combination square as your straight edge and lightly cut into the material with a blade or utility knife. The cut should be deep enough to allow you to easily bend the fascia, but not so deep that it could snap.

  4. Bend the aluminum fascia up 90 degrees along the cut. This surface will be the underside that you use to secure the siding to your rain gutter.

  5. Cut a small mark in the fascia with your utility knife to denote any places where it must be bent. Then, make two 45-degree incisions in the bottom fold that meet at your mark. These cuts should remove a triangular-shaped piece of the aluminum fascia from the fold that you just made.

  6. Place your combination square perpendicular to the long side of the fascia. Hold it against the underside so that the edge is at the point of the triangular cut. Be sure that you're working on a level surface.

  7. Put one hand under the fascia while the other holds the combination square in place. Gently push up to bend the material into the angle that matches your rain gutters. It's often better (and easier) to undershoot your bend and then shape the fascia to match the gutter as you install it than it is to bend it too far.

  8. Warning

    Don't buy your own brake unless you are planning to do other home improvements that require metal bending. These tools can be very expensive and might not be worth the investment for just one job.