How to Install Grommets

How to Install Grommets. Metal grommets are an easy way to give new life to an old tarp. Or you can easily install more grommets to a new tarp to give you more ways to tie down the tarp. The installation process is quick and easy.

  1. Purchase a grommet kit at your local hardware store. These kits usually come with a variety of grommet sizes, plus the grommet-installation anvil and hole cutter.

  2. Determine where you wish to install the grommets. Make sure to pick a spot along the edge of the tarp that has a hem and stitching for extra strength. Mark the hole's location with a permanent marker.

  3. Lay the section of tarp where you are going to install the grommet over the piece of wood. Center the location of the grommet on the wood. Put the hole-cutter tool from the grommets kit over the marked spot. Be sure the sharp, beveled edge is next to the tarp. Hit the tool once with the hammer to cut out the hole.

  4. Push a grommet up through the hole in the tarp. Set these two items over the hole on the anvil that came with the grommets set. Make sure to seat the grommet around the hole you cut in Step 3.

  5. Place a washer face down over the top of the anvil. At this point, you are ready to set the two pieces together.

  6. Put the grommet punch inside the grommet tube that came with the kit. Center this over the grommet pieces and tarp that you have in position on the anvil. Strike the tube with the hammer. Turn the tube a quarter turn and hit it again. Repeat two more times.

  7. Pull the joined grommet off the anvil. Make sure the grommet and washer connect firmly with each other. Continue to install other grommets to your tarp using the same process.

  8. Tip

    Follow similar instructions for fixing grommets on clothing, as well as on tents. The only variation is in the size of the grommet.