How to Build Forms for a Curving Concrete Sidewalk

eHow Home & Garden Editor

How to Build Forms for a Curving Concrete Sidewalk. Putting a sidewalk on your property is an inexpensive way to add to the landscaping around your home. You can add a curving concrete sidewalk as easily as a straight one. All it takes is a little bit of extra prep work.

As with any concrete project, the preparation is the largest part of the job.

  1. Decide where you want to build your new sidewalk. Measure how long and wide you want to make the sidewalk. Make sure you have any necessary building permits before you start the project.

  2. Go to the lumberyard to pick up your supplies. Most lumberyards can cut the hardboard siding into strips for you. To make it easier to haul the floppy pieces of siding home safely, bundle them together with a 2x4. Wrap them securely with packing tape.

  3. Rough in the new sidewalk. Tie string to a couple stakes to help you get a general idea. Remove the sod. Dig deep enough to allow for the fill, the reinforcement mesh and the thickness of the sidewalk.

  4. Anchor a stake at the beginning of the sidewalk and another one at the end. Nail the end of one of the 6-inch strips of hardboard siding to the first stake. Lay the strip on the ground where you want one side of the sidewalk to go. If the strip doesn't flex enough, ease some of the curving out.

  5. Continue placing strips and stakes until you have one side of the sidewalk form in place. Place stakes about three feet apart along the outside of the sidewalk form. Nail them in place.

  6. Measure the width of the sidewalk. Continue with the same process as Step 4 and Step 5 until the form is complete on the second side of the curving sidewalk. Step back and look at the project. Now is the time to make any changes to the width or curvature of the sidewalk.

  7. Lay a 2x4 across the sidewalk forms. Place the level on top of that. You want to sidewalk to be as level as possible, but you also want it to drain properly. Now is the time to adjust the height of the forms.

  8. Continue the sidewalk project once the forms are in place. Add the fill and reinforcement mesh. Pour the concrete.