How to Prepare Metal for Welding

How to Prepare Metal for Welding. Preparing metal for welding is a very important step in the welding process. If your metal is not prepared properly, you can compromise on the integrity of the welds themselves. It pays to take time with the preparation of the metal to ensure you have the best welds possible.

  1. Check the metal before welding it. If the metal has a coating, which could possibly be a thin layer of metal, you must remove it. You can use a grinder to prepare the surface of the metal for welding.

  2. Clean the metal of any rust when you are preparing metal for welding. Metal on a car can be rusty, and before welding anything onto it, you'll need to take off any rust spots with a grinder or steel wool.

  3. Try different techniques for cleaning metal as you prepare it for welding. Straight or flat grinders work well, but for metal of different shapes, you might want to use an angle grinder.

  4. Take off any bad welds with a grinder when you are preparing metal fir welding. Removing a bad weld and starting over is often better than trying to make a bad weld better. Starting fresh means that you can now create a fresh, clean weld that will be nice and strong.

  5. Use a grinder to clean the edges of the metal when you are preparing to weld metal together. By having clean edges, you can ensure that the weld will be solid and hold well.

  6. Wear your safety glasses when you are preparing metal for welding.