How to Get Rid of Mold On a Ceiling

Mold on a ceiling is a common problem, especially in areas with high moisture such as the bathroom. The most important part of removing mold from a ceiling is to first find out why it is there. If you have a leaky pipe that is causing the mold, the stain will keep returning no matter how you remove it.

  1. Try wiping the mold off of your ceiling with a rag moistened in plain water. If your ceiling is painted with a glossy finished paint, the mold may wipe right off.

  2. If the mold does not want to come off with plain water, you will next want to try bleach. Wearing rubber gloves, carefully pour a bit of chlorine bleach on a rag and rub at the mold stain. If you see mold coming off onto your rag, continue rubbing at the stain with the bleach until the stain is removed.

  3. If bleach is not removing the mold from your ceiling, it is probably not going to come off. If your surface is painted, you can try sanding the stain away with a bit of sandpaper and painting over the area. If the mold stain is deep, as with a stain that is caused by a leaky pipe, you won't be able to sand it away.

  4. If all previous methods fail, paint over the mold stain with a stain covering paint such as Kilz. Kilz will keep the mold stain from bleeding through a new coat of paint. If you just paint over the stain with regular paint, the mold stain may show through eventually.