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How to Repair a Chipped Marble Statue

How to Repair a Chipped Marble Statue. Marble is a beautiful addition to a home, and marble statues are a classic way to bring the element to your interior design or outdoor space. A small chip or dent in your marble statue is sometimes inevitable when in a living space.

Fortunately, it is also relatively easy to fix with the purchase of a few materials and some patience to ensure achieving the correct color.

  1. Mix super glue with powders such as baking soda or rice flour. This creates instant plastic with a translucent quality similar to marble.

  2. Buy a small tub of lightweight spackling paste as an alternative to mixing your own. It has the consistency of cake frosting and is water workable.

  3. Add some powdered stone the color of the marble you are filling for a color match.

  4. Prepare a small amount of the materials and let it dry fully. Compare the finished color and finish with your marble statue.

  5. Apply to the chipped area of your statue with a plastic spatula. Use a soft cloth to wipe away any excess.

  6. Sand the filled-in area of your marble statue gently with high grit sandpaper. Remove any dust particles with a clean cloth.

  7. Consult a local ceramic hobby shop or a tile and counter company for a large chip or break in your statue if you prefer not to attempt a repair yourself.

  8. Tip

    Contact a local marble company for a ready-made marble repair kit. These kits contain everything you need to repair a chipped marble surface, including marble dust and epoxy. The instructions for mixing and applying the solution will be for counters or floors, but the process is the same for statues.