How to Make Wind Spinners

To make wind spinners sounds like hard work. The truth is that these spinners are the easiest to make. You can make a wood spinner in one to two hours. After assembling the spinners, you can varnish them or paint them. You can hang them anywhere outside and enjoy them on a windy day.

This is a great way to make some money at craft fairs. The wood spinners do not cost that much to make and you can easily make ten in one day.

How to Make Wind Spinners

  1. Drill a hole in the center of all fifty pieces of wood. The hole should be 1/4 inch. The easiest way to do this is by taking a piece of cardboard the same size as the wood pieces, which is 6 inches long. Make the template the same width and length. Measure to the center of the piece of cardboard and make a 1/4 inch hole. Place the template on each piece and drill the hole.

  2. Screw one castle nut onto one end of the threaded steel rod. Add all fifty pieces of wood to the rod.

  3. Cut off the steel rod on the other side, leaving just enough room to add the second castle nut and a little extra to drill a 1/8 inch whole through the side of the steel rod. Screw on the castle nut and make sure both nuts are completely tight.

  4. Lay the connected wood figure down on a flat surface, if using a circular saw or on a table saw. This is where you start cutting from the center piece to the end of the top side and then do the same from the center to the bottom side. Do both sides this way. You should end up with a backwards hourglass shape. Long in the middle, tapering off at the ends.

  5. Drill a hole about an eighth of an inch in size through the threaded steel rod just above the castle nut. This is where you will insert the swivel key ring. Add the fishing swivel to the fishing line and attach to the swivel key ring.

  6. Loosen the bottom castle nut slightly. This will allow you to gently turn the wood pieces to make the spinner look. Then tighten the castle nut. The shape will appear to make an "S." This gives the wind spinner the spinning look.

  7. Tip

    Wear safety glasses when cutting wood. Use cedar wood if you do not want to stain or paint the wind spinner.


    Be careful when using the table saw or circular saw.