How to Remove Window Shades

Shades block sun.Shades block sun.

As much as we may like the way they block out the sun and darken a room, window shades are notorious for needing to be removed or replaced. Because they are made of thin material and have a rough way of moving up and down, they are prone to tear, fade or stop rolling up when we want them to. You can remove window shades with a few simple steps.

Make sure you can reach the top of the window where the shade’s brackets are. If the top of the shade is too high for you to reach, do yourself a favor and get a step stool or ladder. Don’t try to remove window shades while standing on the window sill or nearby book case.

Roll up the shade. Make the shade as compact as possible while it’s still hanging in the window. It’s much easier to remove a rolled-up shade than one that is flapping about. If your shade no longer rolls up as it’s supposed to, you can roll it manually.

Examine the brackets at the top of the shades. Here you will find a little notch in one that allows you to slide out the bar that’s holding the shade in place. It can be on either side of the shade, depending on who installed the shade in the first place.

Remove the side of the shade that has the notch in the bracket. Move the shade bar through the notch, gently pulling the shade towards you. Once one side of the shade bar is out of the bracket and the shade is at an angle, you can easily slip the other side of the bar out of the middle of its bracket.

Place the shade out of the way. You don’t need to trip, smash, ruin or otherwise have the shade in your path while you work on removing the brackets.

Get your screwdriver. Now it’s time to unscrew the brackets that were holding up the shade. Most of them are held to the wall with small, thin Philips head screws, so use a screwdriver that fits them appropriately.