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What Kind of Floor Can You Lay Over Linoleum?

Christy Wilson

You can lay almost any type of flooring over linoleum. Place carpet, tile and hardwood flooring directly over old linoleum to update and improve the look of any room in your home. Lay new linoleum directly over the old for a newer, cleaner look. This is a simple project for a do-it-yourself home improvement job.

Almost any flooring lays directly over old linoleum floors.

This one-weekend job renovates the look and style of any home without costly construction work.

Cover Linoleum With Carpeting

Carpet lays well over old linoleum, hiding any imperfections.

Before you cover linoleum floors with carpeting, use a smoothing compound to fill in irregularities in the surface of the old linoleum. This compound is available at home improvement and hardware stores. Thoroughly clean the floor before installing carpet. Dirt and debris left under carpeting can cause excessive wear and tear to the newly installed carpet and padding. The better the quality of padding, the better the final result will be. Discount carpet outlets sell sections of carpeting to cover almost any square footage. You will need special tools and equipment for carpet installation.

Tile Over Linoleum

Tile covers imperfections in an old linoleum floor.

Install tile over linoleum to hide tears in the old floor. Tile is a durable alternative for almost any room. If you are installing tile over linoleum, you need to use a compound to level the floor. This will provide an even, solid surface for the new tile. Leveling compound fills in holes in the old linoleum and smooths and levels the surface of the floor. You will need additional tools to install the tile flooring and grout the tile.

Install Hardwood Floors Over Linoleum

Hardwood floors are no harder to install over linoleum than over a subfloor.

Install hardwood flooring or alternative laminate hardwood flooring over old linoleum floors. Wood is more expensive than carpet, but there is no need for additional leveling aside from what is necessary to install the wood flooring. Laminate wood flooring is an inexpensive alternative and is readily available at most hardware stores and home improvement centers. Special flooring outlets also sell hardwood flooring and laminate hardwood flooring. Some types can be snapped together quite simply by the do-it-yourself installer.

Install New Linoleum on Top of an Existing Linoleum Floor

Cover an old linoleum floor with a new, updated linoleum floor.

Install new linoleum flooring directly over old or outdated linoleum flooring. Use a leveling compound to smooth the surface. This will correct any uneven floors and cover holes that may show through the new linoleum floor. When installing linoleum, cut the pieces as you are laying them in the room. Since walls are never perfectly straight, measuring and cutting elsewhere usually leaves gaps and wrinkles. Remove baseboards and quarter round before installation. Reinstall them after installing the floor, and they can help cover any uneven areas around the room.