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How to Remodel a Mobile Home Bathroom

How to Remodel a Mobile Home Bathroom. Anyone with a little drive and motivation can remodel a mobile home bathroom. Removing all the old bathroom fixtures and replacing the flooring gives an old mobile home bathroom a complete overhaul. You can easily do this over the weekend.

  1. Remove all the fixtures from the mobile home bathroom. This includes the toilet, bathtub, sink and vanity as well as all faucets. Toss what you plan on replacing and set aside what you will use again.

  2. Tear up the bathroom flooring. Examine the floor underneath for any holes or areas that are sinking. Older mobile home floors tend to warp.

  3. Level out the bathroom floor. Mix up mortar according to the instructions for your specific brand. Pour the mortar on the floor, allowing it to flow towards the slope. It will level out creating an even base to lay your flooring.

  4. Lay the new flooring in your bathroom. With older mobile homes, use linoleum for your flooring as it is flexible and less likely to crack with any shaking or settling of the mobile home. Tile flooring will break easily.

  5. Replace any cracked or damaged plumbing. You will need to crawl underneath your mobile home to access these pipes. If the pipes appear old or in less than perfect condition replace them to prevent any water damage.

  6. Install the toilet, bathtub, vanity and sink. Make sure to caulk the fixtures around the edges to prevent leakage and possible water damage to the bathroom floor.