How to remove stubborn stains with rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is great for cleaning and disinfecting, but it is also great for many other uses around the house. here's some more suggestions for using rubbing alcohol around the house.

remove stubborn stains with rubbing alcohol
  1. Rubbing alcohol will remove hair spray from mirrors

  2. When you are spraying hair spray on your hair, some of it usually winds up on the mirror. Wipe the mirror with rubbing alcohol to remove that sticky residue and leave your mirror with a streak free shine.

  3. Rubbing alcohol will prevent ring around the collar

  4. To prevent your neck from staining your shirt collar, wipe your neck with rubbing alcohol before you put on your shirt. very refreshing as well!

  5. Rubbing alcohol will help remove dog ticks

  6. Ticks don't like rubbing alcohol. Before you pull a tick off your dog put some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and rub it on the tick. This will make the tick loosen its grip and make it easier for you to remove it. Once the tick is removed dab again with alcohol to disinfect the wound.

    • This works on people too.
  7. Make a shape able ice pack with rubbing alcohol

  8. Ice packs are often hard to use because the don't conform to the shape of the injured body part.

  9. Make a slushy ice pack that will conform to any injury by mixing 1 part rubbing alcohol with 3 parts water in a self-closing plastic bag and store in freezer.

  10. Rubbing alcohol can remove ink stains

  11. Did you get ink on your favorite clothing? Soak the spot in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes before you put it in the washer.

  12. You can also use rubbing alcohol to remove ink stains around the house.

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