How to Remove Deep Stains From Marble Flooring

How to Remove Deep Stains From Marble Flooring. If your marble flooring gets stained, it can ruin the look of an entire room. Stains can seep into the marble, and once they "set," they can be difficult to remove. Soap and water alone won't do the job, no matter how hard or long you scrub.

  1. Purchase a marble floor cleaner, such as Marble and Granite Magic from Always Brilliant.com (see Resources below). Spray a generous amount of the cleaner on the stain. Wipe with a clean dry cloth. You may have to use multiple applications to eliminate a deep stain.

  2. Dry the marble floor. After the stain has dulled or disappeared, use another dry cloth to polish the area.

  3. Use a sealer on the marble floor. After you have cleaned the marble floor and removed the deep stains, you should use a marble sealant on the surface. Stone Specific manufactures Marble, Travertine and Limestone Sealer.

  4. Tip

    Remember to mop up any spills that occur on your marble floors. This will prevent any future deep stains from occurring.


    Don't use vinegar to get rid of deep stains in marble. The acidity of vinegar will likely further damage your marble floor.