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How to Attach 2 Rugs Together

Rosemary Rugnetta

Adding a rug to a room can bring a warm feeling to any area whether it is big or small. A rug anchors the surrounding furniture and accessories and is usually the final element that is put in place. Sometimes, it is difficult to find the exact type of rug that will work to accomplish this.

Attaching Rugs

Attaching 2 rugs together to create a handcrafted area rug is a unique solution to this problem.Read the following instructions on how to attach 2 rugs together and learn how to design one of a kind rugs for any decor.

  1. Lay both rugs down on the floor with the backing side up. The rugs should be placed in the position in which they will be connected.

  2. Using a utility knife or scissors, trim away any pieces of rug backing that are loose. Be careful not to shred the backing. Place the carpet pieces together, making sure that all of the rug fibers are pointing towards the floor.

  3. Using a hot glue gun, run a zigzag line of hot glue along the edges of the rug that are being joined. Working with a small area at a time, smooth out the hot glue with a flat stick along the seam of both of the rugs. Complete this for the entire length of rug.

  4. Starting back at the beginning, press rug tape into place along the seam that has just been glued. Again, working with small areas at a time, use an iron on the tape to secure it in place. The iron should be at its hottest setting. This will further create a strong bond. When the entire length is taped and ironed, let it cool before turning the rug over.

  5. Using a small hand brush, brush the fibers along the seam, blending them together until the joint can no longer be seen. Trim any rug fibers that are loose. Place the rug in the desired location.

  6. Tip

    Using this technique, a large rug can be made with several rug mats. Create your own unique rug by joining several rugs together. This process can be done to add a decorate rug edge around any area rug. These same steps can be followed to add a piece of carpet to a wall-to-wall carpet that is too short.


    Never leave a utility knife, hot glue gun or iron unattended, especially around children. Use caution when using a hot glue gun or a hot iron.